New mymediset feature: Cycle Count Monitor for Loan Sets

We’re thrilled to announce the newest feature of our mymediset core solution that’s going to be a true game-changer!
Cycle Count Feature Now Supporting RFID

An innovative new cycle count functionality is now available on our mymediset backend solution! It’s designed to perform cycle counts for sets on item level. To make your life even easier, it’s applicable for all types of inventory: warehouses (slow movers), sales rep trunk stock, customer consignment, and even 3PL warehouses.

What is so exciting about this new feature?

In addition to counting, mymediset loanset cycle count also has an additional layer of control – recounting where the variances are curated by another personnel. Not only does it enable the counting, recounting and posting function, but moreover, any inventory discrepancies will automatically lead to the right actions taken inside SAP. For example, if you count too few or too many set components, mymediset will automatically create additional or missing item reservations. That way, all inventory discrepancies are visible and traceable in real time, at any time! It ensures that you’re fully compliant when it comes time for those dreaded audits.

One of our customers just went live with this new feature and they couldn’t be happier! They were motivated to implement it because they knew how much time could be saved with a sophisticated tool like mymediset. Plus, they wanted to incorporate a seamless process and the right tool that would make them fully compliant with official regulations.

What’s next?

We will soon enable RFID functionalities to the cycle count, plus integrate this feature in our mobile app to make it even more convenient to perform counts on set level.
Stay tuned to see what we have in store to make managing your loan sets efficient, smooth, and best of all, easy!

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