Why mymediset?


Simply ‘plug in and play’ - mymediset integrates seamlessly with your existing SAP® system (including S/4 HANA), as well as any future updates.

Fast & efficient 

Book, schedule and track your medical equipment in real-time, wherever you are – whether that’s the operating room or a trade event. Increase your sales force effectiveness.


Save money by using mymediset to plan ahead, reduce excess stock and avoid administrative hassle. Reduce inventory, increase sales and profit through an optimized usage of your stock.

Safety first

Monitor the entire process to the hospital and back, as well as identify damaged and expired products easily. Rest assured mymediset complies with the industry’s legal regulations.

A global provider you can trust

BIT Consulting is the world market leader in providing Certified SAP® add-on solutions for medical device companies.

Simple to install
& SAP® Integration

mymediset is so easy to install and use. In fact, it integrates seamlessly into your existing SAP® system and future updates. It’s currently the only available certified S/4 HANA solution of its kind.

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mymediset is easy to use and highly versatile, offering benefits for colleagues across the medical sector

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