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In a world where the demand for medical equipment is greater than ever — and surgical procedures more common and complex — here’s why you need a fast, easy and reliable way to order, track and manage your medical devices:

The medical device industry is expected to grow by up to 10% per year until 2025

This makes planning, tracking and managing orders efficiently – while keeping costs as low as possible – more important than ever.

Medical procedures are on the rise

Global knee replacements, for example, are projected to cost around $10 billion by 2024.

Problems with instruments are among the 10 most frequent causes of delays to operating theatres

Delays cost money and have a knock-on effect down the line.

Tracking is usually expensive

Current surgical tracking systems can cost hospitals up to $120,000 per year.

Increased aging population

An expanding aging population means the demand for orthopaedic devices is increasing.

Tougher regulations & compliance

Regulation and compliance standards are getting more stringent.

Better inventory management can prevent patients from contracting infections from contaminated instruments

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that almost 90,000 individuals die because of hospital-acquired infections in the U.S. each year.

Expensive complex instructions need to be monitored and tracked closely

Complex operations such as spinal and joint replacements can require many expensive instruments that need to be monitored and tracked closely.


Streamline your workflow

It streamlines the entire process, saves you money, reduces stocking equipment that’s not needed and cuts out much of the administrative work, giving you the real-time information you need to order and manage your loan sets.

Simple to install
& SAP® Integration

mymediset is so easy to install and use. In fact, it integrates seamlessly into your existing SAP® system and future updates. It’s currently the only available certified S/4 HANA solution of its kind.

Benefits of mymediset

The key aim of mymediset is to ensure health professionals have the exact equipment they need to perform medical procedures safely and on time. This saves time and money for everyone involved in the process.

Complete peace of mind


Reassurance all-round

Patients can rest assured they will receive the best possible care and treatment during medical procedures to improve their health and quality of life, whether they are undergoing routine or specialist operations.

Not only that, doctors can focus on procedures knowing the equipment they need is safe, complete, sterile and arrives on time.


Quality assurance and control staff

Quality assurance and control staff can generate reports to investigate any issues such as damage or expired batches, as well as rest assured that patients are safer being part of a more comprehensive process. In the case of recalls, QA teams can react immediately and identify the affected products.


Reports for compliance

Regulatory affairs departments have more visibility across the supply chain, can generate reports easily and feel more confident that they are meeting compliance regulations.

Easy to use for everyone


Sales representatives

Sales representatives can check stock levels quickly and order inventory on-the-go at any time, as well as raise invoices seamlessly. This means they have more time to focus on sales rather than admin.


Warehouse and inventory management

Warehouse and inventory management staff can dispatch items and returns faster, customize loan sets and ensure there is enough equipment available when it’s needed.


Information technology

IT colleagues won’t need to update entire company-wide systems: mymediset integrates seamlessly into existing SAP® programmes – including S/4 HANA – and doesn’t require additional hardware or software to use.

Managing equipment just got easier


Customer service staff

Customer service staff can make bookings easily. Using an optimized level of inventory, they can achieve 100% order fulfillment with reduced stock levels and unnecessary admin.


Finance and accounting staff

Finance and Accounting departments benefit from total transparency of costs and revenue as asset management and inventory are seamlessly integrated.


Event managers and meeting planners

Event managers and meeting planners can plan their workshop, training, and events independently ensuring that any required equipment is available and in good condition, at any given time.

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Go further

mymediset comes with plenty of added options to make your life even easier.

Mobile Apps

You don’t need to be in the office to manage your orders.


Make better, more informed
decisions using data.


Optimize and speed up your warehouse logistics.

Visual Inspector

Speed up your inspection processes for your medical equipment.

Media Manager

Manage videos, images, medical device manuals and more.

Customer Stories

Since 2011 BIT Consulting has been supporting the Getinge Group within our Global SAP® Rollout Program GShape. BIT Consulting has significantly influenced our template for the modules SD and LES. The technical innovations from BIT Consulting allow us to implement our sophisticated requirements in the area of outbound logistics more efficiently.

Chief Information Officer, Getinge Group

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