ATEC Spine Go-Live USA, Australia, and New Zealand

In January 2024, ATEC Spine successfully integrated the mymediset solution across its US, Australia, and New Zealand operations, enhancing their SAP® S/4HANA platform. This pivotal move streamlines business processes, improves field sales, and manages inventory, utilizing cloud technology to foster operational efficiency and superior customer service. The collaboration between mymediset and ATEC Spine showcases a drive towards innovation and scalability, with the mymediset mobile app empowering over 450 sales representatives. This deployment marks a significant advancement in ATEC Spine's commitment to leveraging modern technology for business growth and operational excellence in the MedTech industry.
ATEC Spine Go-Live

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In early January, 2024, ATEC Spine, a fast growing and innovative medical device company has successfully deployed mymediset across their USA, Australia, and New Zealand operations. The mymediset team is thrilled to deliver a powerful new tool to ATEC Spine. The ATEC Spine go-live deployment will help them meet their business objectives in the US and Asia Pacific markets.

The ATEC Spine go-live saw mymediset integrated inside their SAP® S/4HANA platform. The deployment of the solution delivers best-in-class tools for the field sales team and consequently enhances customer service and manages field inventory. This end-to-end MedTech industry platform delivers an essential, flexible and modern supply chain asset. It will adapt to the transformation needs of ATEC’s fast growing business to deliver continuous innovation.

Cross functional teams at mymediset, ATEC Spine and other partners worked tirelessly, inclusively, and expansively to achieve this important milestone. Delivering instant value to the operation, mymediset is a seamlessly integrated system residing within SAP®. Furthermore, the implementation of mymediset will replace non-integrated systems and manual processes. Consequently, it reduced interface integration and license costs, and ultimately created an efficient real time cloud based platform for their global operations.

ATEC Spine Go-Live

ATEC Spine’s Cross Functional Team

ATEC Spine’s Primary Goals:

  • Adopt modern, state of the art cloud-based technologies, namely S/4HANA, and mymediset, to consequently improve and streamline their business process.
  • Build an efficient tool for field sales team to deliver best-in-class customer service while managing the complex requirements of field inventory.
  • Successfully implement mymediset mobile app for all ATEC sales representatives in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Create a global business process template defined for ATEC Spine USA. The roll-out to Australia and New Zealand included their local business objectives and regulatory requirements, consequently driving efficiency and business growth.

As a result of these key goals and achievements, ATEC Spine now sees an improvement in their overall business processes. It specifically addressed their loan set cycle and field inventory management. mymediset has also helped streamline their case scheduling and consumption processes. This was achieved by providing Sales Representatives real-time access to inventory visibility and traceability by deploying the mymediset mobile app.

Well done and applause to everyone involved in this outstanding achievement!

To find out more on ATEC Spine, visit the link here.

Discover more at Experience accelerated growth and streamlined operations, consequently delivering an exceptional customer experience with mymediset.

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