New Feature: Streamline the Approval Process with mymediset Consignment Cockpit

Optimize your processes with mymediset Consignment Cockpit
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Jan 26, 2022

It’s no secret that as your product portfolio grows so does your consignment inventory, and you know what that means – the time-consuming process of approving consignment entries and updating consigned quantities. But what if you could say goodbye to the old manual process of having to share your consignment request via email and spreadsheets? Soon, you can!

Our developers are currently working hard on a new feature that streamlines how you request new consignment stock or quantities by embedding the entire approval into SAP. So now, whenever your customers request new products or quantities it will start an automated approval process therefore eliminating the need to do it manually!

It’s quick and easy! The requested list of consigned items and quantities is automatically sent to the right manager for approval who then receives a push notification on his desktop or mobile app. As soon as he approves the requested consignment stock, the warehouse automatically receives a dispatch notification. If the manager doesn’t want to approve all of it, he can either reject the request or edit the requested items and quantities.

Of course, all inventory information is automatically updated within SAP, in real-time, on the mobile app, and on the backend as well.

Reclaim your valuable time by optimizing your consignment and field inventory. Get in touch to learn more!

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