Consignment & Field Inventory Management

Streamlining your consignment & field inventory with only one handy tool

mymediset provides fully integrated consignment solutions to ensure medical equipment is available when your patients need them, allowing you to focus on patient care instead of time-consuming manual processes.

What’s included

Efficient & simple


Cloud-based management of all consigned inventory in the field.


Desktop solution for back-office and mobile app for sales reps.

Inventory per location/per sales rep can be allocated easily.
Record consumption via mobile app (barcode/QR code scan).

Automised billing and replenishment.


Real-time visibility to all consigned inventory in the field.


Monitoring of serial, batch numbers, expiration dates, and other product-relevant information.

What’s included

Automised and integrated


Receive proactive alerts for recalled or expired product.


Perform field transfers easily with full visibility in the field.


Perform cycle counts while using the barcode scanning functionality of our mobile app or IoT RFID.


Manage authorizations for the app users centrally with mymediset’s role management.


Cost-effective solution for maintaining compliance, fulfilling all UDI/FDA requirements with mymediset‘s unique track & trace technology.


Fully integrated into your SAP landscape without any additional interfaces.


S/4HANA ready.

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Other add-ons

mymediset comes with plenty of added options to make your life even easier.

Mobile App

You don’t need to be in the office to manage your orders.


Make better, more informed decisions using data.


Optimize and speed up your warehouse logistics.

Visual Inspector

Speed up your inspection processes for your medical equipment.

Media Manager

Manage videos, images, medical device manuals and more.

Customer Stories

Since 2011 BIT Consulting has been supporting the Getinge Group within our Global SAP® Rollout Program GShape. BIT Consulting has significantly influenced our template for the modules SD and LES. The technical innovations from BIT Consulting allow us to implement our sophisticated requirements in the area of outbound logistics more efficiently.

Chief Information Officer, Getinge Group

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