Accelerating Growth In The Thriving Orthopedic Device Market with mymediset: Unleashing Full Potential!

The orthopedic device market's rapid growth is projected to reach $70.42 billion by 2027, creating new possibilities for medical device companies. In this dynamic landscape, mymediset's Medical Device Hypercloud™ stands out. With seamless SAP® integration, mymediset automates processes, cuts inventory, and boosts sales.
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Aug 10, 2023

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The global orthopedic device market is currently undergoing a remarkable surge, presenting medical device organizations with unprecedented opportunities for growth and success. With an impressive valuation of $58.31 billion in 2022, industry experts predict this figure to skyrocket to an astounding $70.42 billion by 2027*. This translates to an exciting growth opportunity of $12.11 billion between 2022 and 2027. As the market continues to evolve, the pivotal question emerges: How can medical device organizations capitalize on this unprecedented situation? This is precisely where mymediset, the world’s unrivaled Medical Device Hypercloud™, steps in to pave the path to your triumph!

How to Prepare?

In the swiftly evolving orthopedic device market, adaptability stands as the cornerstone for the thriving of medical device organizations. To seize this remarkable opportunity, here are key aspects to address in preparation:

1. Optimizing the Supply Chain

In a demand-driven market, optimizing the supply chain becomes paramount. The automation of inventory management and distribution processes ensures the availability of orthopedic devices precisely when and where they are needed the most, enabling efficient management of surging demands.

2. Boosting Operational Efficiency

Embracing automation and cutting-edge digital technologies can propel operational efficiency to new heights. The integration of advanced software solutions into operational and sales processes minimizes administrative burdens, thereby enhancing productivity and allowing teams to focus on core functions.

3. Harnessing Advanced Technologies

Staying ahead of the curve entails harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and RFID. These transformative technologies provide invaluable insights, optimize sales efficiency, and streamline inventory utilization.

The Solution: Leveraging the mymediset Advantage

In the dynamic landscape of the orthopedic device market, mymediset, the world’s premier Medical Device Hypercloud™, emerges as the transformative solution to maximize opportunities and effectively tackle challenges. Here’s why mymediset should be on your radar:

Efficient Supply Chain and Process Automation

mymediset seamlessly integrates with SAP® systems like S/4 and ECC, automating critical processes such as loaning out medical kits and managing field and consignment inventory. This leads to a substantial reduction in inventory levels, while simultaneously enhancing efficiency. The strategic allocation of inventory minimizes wastage and slashes costs, thereby bolstering overall profitability.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Empower your team with mymediset’s backend solution for customer service and a user-friendly mobile app tailored for your sales representatives. From ordering loan kits to recording consumption and gaining real-time insights into field availability, mymediset streamlines processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Reliable and Future-Proof Technology Environment

mymediset offers a secure platform that seamlessly integrates with cutting-edge SAP® systems like S/4HANA. Real-time updates and a unified view of your business operations empower better decision-making. In fact, SAP® endorses the mymediset Hypercloud™ as the gold standard for complex medical device processes within their Life Science Industry Cloud.


The thriving orthopedic device market presents medical device organizations with an exceptional opportunity for exponential growth. By proactively preparing for the evolving landscape and embracing innovative solutions, companies can position themselves for unparalleled success. As the market continues to flourish, agility and foresight become the keys to unlocking your organization’s true potential. So, gear up to embark on a transformative journey of growth and triumph in the flourishing orthopedic device market!

*Technavio, Global Orthopedic Device Market 2023-2027

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