Projectwork at Alphatec Spine in beautiful Carlsbad, California!

The committed teams at BIT Consulting and ATEC have collaboratively contributed to the continuous and dynamic mymediset project. Their involvement has been crucial in guaranteeing a seamless execution of our mymediset software solution and its accompanying mobile application.
Projectwork at Alphatec Spine

BIT Consulting and ATEC have combined forces to work on the ongoing mymediset project at Alphatec Spine in Carlsbad, California. The two dedicated teams work together to ensure the implementation of our core mymediset solution and mobile app goes smoothly. The synergy between BIT Consulting and ATEC is testament to the unwavering commitment of both teams to ensuring the project’s success. They effectively navigate and meet challenges that arise from this project at Alphatec Spine,

We look forward to seeing mymediset up and running at Alphatec Spine! It will increase efficiency and make life of customer service and sales staff much easier!

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