Go-Live at Zimmer Biomet in Portugal

We are thrilled to inform you that the implementation of mymediset at Zimmer Biomet, a Fortune 500 company in Portugal, has been successfully completed!
Go-Live at Zimmer Biomet in Portugal
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Sep 1, 2022

We excitedly announce the successful mymediset Go-Live at the Fortune 500 company Zimmer Biomet in Portugal!

The EMEA project kicked off just before the pandemic. Portugal is the ninth country in which the global mymediset template was successfully rolled out.

Zimmer experiences benefits from mymediset, a unique SAP® addon that efficiently manages loan sets and consigned sets, reducing planning insecurities and admin work. The streamlined loan sets planning process optimizes inventory utilization while maintaining low stock levels.

More rollouts like the Go-Live at Zimmer Biomet in Portugal will follow for the company in EMEA this year.

Are you running on SAP® and managing your medical loan sets, consignment, and field inventory manually? Speak to one of our experts today. Discover how to increase productivity, efficiency, and have peace of mind with mymediset.

We are proud of the team that is responsible for the successful mymediset Go-Live

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