Bridging the Gap between MedTech and SAP®: mymediset, the #1 Medical Device Hypercloud™

Introducing the #1 Medical Device Hypercloud™ in SAP®'s Industry Cloud. The mymediset platform combines advanced medical technology with SAP®'s system to transform medical device management. Our certified solution automates and optimizes complex MedTech processes, from loan set management to revenue recognition, providing a seamless link between healthcare supply chain processes and the SAP® ecosystem.
Bridging SAP® & MedTech

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In the dynamic landscape of medical technology, where innovation takes center stage, efficiency and precision in supply chain management have become paramount, Here, mymediset steps in as the game-changer, seamlessly connecting the world of MedTech and SAP®’s robust system, to transform medical device supply chain management. 

Standard SAP® Features vs. Complexity of MedTech Operations

As medical technology continues to advance, offering cutting-edge solutions that drive patient care to new heights, it occasionally finds itself at odds with the structured nature of SAP®. While SAP® provides valuable tools, it often grapples with the intricacies of specialized MedTech operations like loan sets, consignment, and field inventory.

mymediset Closing the gap

mymediset: Bridging the Gap between SAP® and MedTech

Enter mymediset, the Leading Cloud Platform for Medical Devices Supply Chain that seamlessly operates within SAP®. This leading solution tackles the challenges posed by MedTech operations head-on. It also offers an array of benefits to streamline and automate supply chain processes, including loan sets, rentals, consignment, and field inventory, all designed to suit a versatile market.

Unparalleled Benefits: Accelerating Growth, Enhancing Customer Experience

1. Unmatched Speed of Revenue Recognition

Imagine a scenario where swift revenue recognition is vital. This is where mymediset truly shines, making revenue recognition up to three times faster than manual or non-SAP® methods. Thanks to a specialized app designed for sales reps, mymediset not only manages bookings, but also records consumption, and triggers real-time invoice generation and replenishment. This integration within SAP® grants MedTech companies a significant competitive edge in the medical device market.

2. Transforming Inventory Management

Effective MedTech operations revolve around efficient inventory management. mymediset takes it a step further by achieving an impressive 40% reduction in inventory levels. Utilizing complex planning algorithms, it allocates loan kits, consignments, and field inventory with precision, while minimizing excess stock, and optimizing supply chain management for unparalleled efficiency, contributing to accelerated growth.

3. Elevating Inventory Turnover

With the implementation of mymediset, the Leading Cloud Platform for Medical Devices Supply Chain that runs within SAP®, you can enhance the inventory turnover ratio by up to 20%. This is achieved by streamlining and automating key processes like loan sets, consignment, and field inventory, ensuring smoother product movement in the supply chain. The solution transforms inventory management into a strategic advantage.

4. Precision Redefined – Gain real-time Inventory Visibility

mymediset, operating within the SAP® Industry Cloud for Life Sciences, achieves a remarkable 60% increase in inventory accuracy. Real-time visibility and data-driven insights eliminate errors, ensuring precise monitoring of loan sets, consignment, and field inventory. This precision enhances quality control and fosters trust across the supply chain.

5. Enhancing Sustainability: A 20% Reduction in Expired Batches and Waste

Addressing the persistent issue of medical device expiration, mymediset delivers a 20% reduction in expired batches. This not only leads to significant cost savings but also promotes sustainability and strengthens compliance with quality standards. It translates into economic and reputational benefits for MedTech firms, fostering growth in the medical device market.

Certified by SAP®

SAP® endorses mymediset as a certified solution operating within their Industry Cloud for Life Sciences. This endorsement reflects a high level of trust, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated user experience.

Trusted by Global Giants

The trust of Fortune 500 MedTech companies underscores mymediset’s potential for transformation. These industry leaders recognize its capacity to streamline medical device management, standing as a testament to its ability to drive global change, and further promoting growth in the medical device market.

Embrace the Future

Are you prepared to step into the future of Medical Device Hypercloud™ technology? Embark on a journey with mymediset, a solution that promises accelerated revenue recognition, leaner inventory management, unmatched accuracy, and a definitive answer to bridging the gap between MedTech innovation and the SAP® ecosystem.

The fusion of advanced medical technology and SAP®’s robust system becomes a reality, offering MedTech companies a competitive advantage like never before. Embrace the future of supply chain management in the MedTech industry with mymediset – your bridge to success. Discover more at Experience accelerated growth, streamline operations, and deliver an exceptional customer experience with mymediset.

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