Want efficiency and ease for your sales reps?

Use one simple and powerful tool to get it all done!
Want efficiency and ease for your sales reps

Sales reps handle a multitude of tasks in their daily routine. Aside from ensuring sales, they also follow up customer bookings and inform clients about product specifications. Additionally, they maintain consignment stock, carry out product recalls and much more, all of which can keep them busy and overwhelmed.

To achieve great sales numbers while handling cycle counts and coordinating with back-office colleagues, supporting your sales team effectively is essential. So how can you effectively support your sales team?

Additionally, to their regular sales trainings and coaching, you can offer an efficient tool to optimize their productivity. An innovative and user-friendly tool is readily available that  frees them from administrative hassles

Check out mymediset – the solution that is designed to fully support Sales Reps in the healthcare industry. mymediset is the only software and app of its kind. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates into your SAP® environment, ECC and S/4HANA®.

So, what can you do with this incredible tool?

Book your medical equipment for surgeries, workshops, demos and other.
– Create bookings
– Check the status
– Check availabilities
– Calendar view on bookings

Manage Consignment & Field Inventory
– Record consumption in surgeries using barcode scanning – even offline
– Invoicing and replenishment are automatically triggered in SAP®
– Perform field transfers
– Carry out cycle counts with barcode scan feature
– Monitor and filter for shelf lifetimes
– Check out product specifications
– Embed your product catalogue
– Display and access PDFs, videos, and more

Manage your accounts
– See your sales performance with mymediset analytics feature
– Get pricing information based on accounts

Save your sales team tons of time and boost your sales figures too!
– You benefit from 10 days faster revenue recognition
– Your inventory turnover ratio is drastically increased by 20%
– Your write-offs are brought to the minimum: 18% less write-offs due to sophisticated inventory reports

Check out mymediset. Certified by SAP®. Proven by Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare industry.

Ready to see the mymediset mobile app live? We’re happy to showcase our app in a demo.

Ready to speed up and simplify your medical device management?

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