The Ultimate way to Ensure your Next Event is a Huge Success!

See how mymediset can help you manage your loan sets and equipment for events, trainings, and workshops.
Ensure your Next Event is a Huge Success

Accurate planning is crucial when it comes to organizing successful events such as product launches, trainings, and workshops. Remember Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong will go wrong, which is why accurate organization is even more essential!

You must always consider the worst-case scenario. Like for example, imaging you’re hosting a workshop on a specific product. You have tons of people signed up, they’re ready to go, but what about you? What would you do if the product you wanted to train on isn’t available? Or only one training set arrived for a large group? Would you make them share? Cancel the workshop?! When you’re hosting multiple events each week or more than dozens of events each month, it’s easy for so many things to go so terribly wrong.

But let’s not panic! BIT Consulting has your back. You can leave the microplanning and overthinking to us!

So, what do we need from you? It’s simple, are you ready to evaluate your current processes to see how they can be optimized? Here are a few things to consider to better appraise your current event planning situation.

1. Does your tool fit the size of your business?

Planning your medical sets for an event while using spreadsheets, emails, or even fax is not a bad thing per se, but it really depends on the size and scale of your existing operations. Try to think back to when you first started out. Are you still planning the same number of events or have your events doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled since then? If your planning needs have grown, you should consider retiring your trusty spreadsheet that was once capable of doing a good job. Upgrading your planning processes can help you save valuable time and money which will allow you to focus on much more important things that cannot be automated.

2. How complex is your product portfolio?

Obviously, it’s easier to manage small consumables for events rather than larger, high-value medical equipment and medical loan sets. Why? Because a consumable is one item, whereas a set consists of more than a dozen different instruments and implants that come in a variety of sizes. There are several questions that come up when managing these sets for events:
– Does the required set need to be complete?
– If not, what minimal set content is required?
– What other specific requirements come up (such as asset integration, and more)

As complex your products are, the more challenging it can become to manage them.

We at BIT Consulting know what challenges and specific requirements come up when working with complex, high value assets such as loan sets.

More than 20 years ago, we recognized during our SAP consultancy that the Standard SAP system is missing crucial features that many healthcare organizations require for maintaining compliance and working efficiently.

After realizing this deficiency, we decided to be the real heroes by closing this gap! This was just the beginning for our core mymediset solution.

For more than 20 years we have been offering our customers a proven, highly agile SAP add-on that manages their loan medical sets and equipment for all kinds of purposes and use cases, including managing loan sets for events.

3. What about inventory availabilities?

When planning the required products for an event, you should consider their availability. In a perfect world, you would simply make a reservation for the required set, the warehouse does the picking, and voila, it’s sent out to the event in perfect condition and in perfect time. However, as many of us know, reality often looks rather different. Sometimes sets are not available or are incomplete, sometimes they have been loaned out for different training events or the contents are still in production. There are two major options you are left with in this situation:
– Either you push the production site and increase your inventory levels drastically and immediately
– Or, you work proactively with a planning tool to ensure this doesn’t ever happen!
If you’re interested in improving your business results, the latter option will yield much more favorable results!

Mymediset is the only available solution for medical sets that has a comprehensive planning tool integrated. You can see all your events in one calendar view and if that wasn’t helpful enough we’ve also ensured that everyone in your enterprise can access the same overview and information on a real time basis. When you require a specific medical set with specific content for an event, the integrated solution automatically picks the ‘best set’ for you. This means it will always consider the best inventory utilization and aims to realize higher turnaround times of your inventory. So, as you can see, working with mymediset’s planning tool will result in optimized and reduced inventory levels.

4. Integration is key!

If you’re not a ‘one-man-show’, you probably wish that you and your team could work with the same information. In an ideal world, other business sites would be able to access the same information as well. If you wanted to go bananas and go even one step further, you could all even remotely! Well, it’s not bananas, it’s all possible when you integrate the planning tool into your ERP environment.

Now, the problem is, integrated doesn’t always mean that it’s really integrated. There is a huge difference between SaaS solutions and a solution that’s integrated through APIs, like mymediset. Whereas SaaS solutions are duplicating data, and are depending on regular synchronization efforts, mymediset works with only one source of data, the data inside your SAP system, with no synchronization efforts needed.

With mymediset, everyone is always on the same page, no false data, no outdated data can occur because data is updated inside SAP on a real-time basis, enterprise-wide, on desktop and mobile apps.

If you feel that you’re not getting the full potential out of your loan set management so far, get in touch with us at BIT Consulting to learn more about mymediset! We have more than two decades of experience in managing complex medical set processes, for all kinds of use cases, also for your events, trainings, and workshops!

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