Scheduling optimization is the key to reducing loan set inventory and increasing turnaround times

But how do you know when you’ve found the best tool to accomplish this goal?
Reduce loan set inventory and increasing turnaround times

Scheduling loan sets for surgeries is so much more than making sure all your customers, and eventually their patients, receive the products they’ve requested on time and in the right place. It’s about ensuring that you can fulfill all your requests while keeping only the minimum stock in your warehouses. This is because loan sets that are stored in your warehouses instead of being used by your customers generate costs, and costs reduce profits! Pretty simple calculation, right? So how do you actually achieve a fully optimized, automized loan set scheduling process?

There are companies that still manage their loan sets with outlook calendars, spreadsheets, and other manual tools. This can work if you only have a very small number of loan sets, but if your goal is to reduce your inventory to a minimum, eliminate admin time, minimize human errors, and increase turnaround times, you need to get the right tool in place for the management and scheduling of your loan sets. You need a scheduling and planning tool that allows you to fulfill all orders while simultaneously ensuring that you won’t find any dust settling on the loan sets in your warehouses.

But where to find such a tool?

Luckily these days you’ll find plenty of options, obviously all claiming to be the ‘one and only solution’ to your problem – but how do you know that you’ve actually found the right tool?

1. Your tool understands the business of loaned medical sets

If the tool you have is a spoon, it’s hard to eat spaghetti. Loaning sets that contain a variety of components is challenging when your tool is not able to completely fulfill all the different requirements. For example, you may have sets in your warehouse that don’t have the full set content, but for your specific booking, this content would be sufficient. For another booking, this specific set would have to be replenished with the missing items. So, ideally when entering a booking, your tool would automatically recognize the exact requirements of any specific booking and/ or procedure. The tool you’re using should also allow you to easily send out those sets that are sufficient in order to save inventory. So, imagine, instead of only accepting complete loan sets, you’d be also able to use incomplete sets, and your customers would fully be satisfied.

2. It’s mobile!

In this fast paced world where Sales Reps are rushing from one customer to another, and the home office has become the new norm it’s mandatory that your loan set scheduling solution can also be used on-the-go. Booking and scheduling loan sets and other medical equipment or devices need to work when you’re on site the same as when you’re sitting in your nice corporate office, home office, or anywhere else!

3. It’s fully integrated into your ERP system

Nothing is more unreliable and inaccurate than working with two different systems, especially when the two systems cannot communicate with one another. There are solutions that may seem to be connected, but in the end, only “being connected” with daily synchronizations is just simply not enough. What you need is a software that is 100% integrated into your ERP system. If you don’t need any middleware or any additional software and if you are always working with one source of data, even when using a mobile app, that’s when you’ll know that the tool is truly integrated into your ERP landscape.

If you just realized that your current loan set management tool does not match these one, two or all three of these criteria, then let’s connect so we can introduce you to a tool that hits all 3 criteria seamlessly!

mymediset is completely focused on the needs and complex processes involved in loaning medical sets. We have developed intelligent scheduling algorithms that automatically choose the best loan set for your booking. ‘The best’ means it’s the right one for your customers’ needs, but it’s also the best one to increase your sets’ turnaround times. You’re not only saving essential time within the scheduling process, you’ll also gain the best occupancy rate for your loan sets. Our solution is fully mobile. The mymediset app can do much more than just managing your bookings; it also gives you an analytics overview of your sales performance, consignment inventory features such as cycle counts and barcode consumption scans to name a few!

It also meets the most important criteria: mymediset is exclusively developed as a SAP® add-on meaning it’s fully integrated into your SAP® landscape, ECC, and S/4HANA, so you’re always working with only one source of data, regardless of whether you’re in your home office, car, corporate office, or even inside the operating theatre.

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