New mymediset Release 9

Our mymediset developers have incorporated great new functionalities and improvements to boost your business efficiency! What's new?
New mymediset Release 9

Improved loanset management considering the shelf life

  • New functionality allows users to monitor the shelf life of all batch managed components easily and quickly. This innovative new feature allows you to define different criteria for quality checks per mymediset process
  • The mymediset availability check feature now prioritizes equipment by considering remaining shelf lifetime of the equipment
  • The exact shelf life of components is now incorporated and considered in the mymediset RFID add-on solution

New functionalities for mapping sterilization and cleaning processes

  • Once a loanset is returned to the warehouse, a sterilization reservation can be automatically created. The subsequent sterilization process is also considered in the planning of future reservations during the availability check
  • This new functionality also maps the inhouse cleaning process and will provide the option to choose a dedicated status
  • We have enabled the functionality to confirm the cleaning status before starting the inspection

Extended features for field transfers

  • A new feature in the reservation monitor allows users to execute mass field transfers of loansets
  • During the booking creation, field inventory can now be assigned

New features for optimizing processes and increasing efficiency

  • A plant-to-plant transfer can now be carried out in a fully automated manner. This new feature is exclusively developed for mymediset customers that have EWM (Enhanced Warehouse Management) in place
  • New functionality to perform intercompany strip-down at customer
  • New feature allows user to create bookings and reservations for multiple sales areas
  • New functionality automatically prioritizes the plant in closest proximity so that transport costs and time are fully optimized

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