New mymediset Release 9 Unveiled

Our mymediset developers have incorporated great new functionalities and improvements to boost your business efficiency! What's new?
New mymediset Release 9

mymediset, a leader in medical equipment management software, has launched its latest version, Release 9, packed with innovative features designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of loan set management. This release introduces critical advancements in shelf life monitoring, sterilization, cleaning processes, field transfers, and overall process optimization, making it a game-changer in the healthcare industry.

Enhanced Shelf Life Monitoring in Loan Set Management

Release 9 of mymediset brings a significant upgrade in how medical facilities manage the shelf life of their equipment:

  • Efficient Shelf Life Monitoring: The new functionality allows users to quickly and easily monitor the shelf life of all batch-managed components.
  • Quality Check Customization: Users can define various criteria for quality checks tailored to each mymediset process, consequently ensuring high standards are maintained.
  • Shelf Life Prioritization: The mymediset availability check now intelligently prioritizes equipment based on its remaining shelf life, further optimizing equipment usage.
  • RFID Integration: Shelf life data is now seamlessly integrated into the mymediset RFID add-on solution, generally enhancing inventory management accuracy.

New Functionalities for Sterilization and Cleaning Processes

The latest update introduces significant improvements in managing sterilization and cleaning:

  • Automated Sterilization Reservations: Upon a loan set’s return, the system automatically generates a sterilization reservation, streamlining the workflow.
  • Sterilization Process Integration: Future reservation planning now includes the sterilization process, ensuring equipment readiness.
  • Inhouse Cleaning Process Mapping: This feature allows for the selection of a dedicated status for inhouse cleaning processes.
  • Cleaning Status Verification: Users can confirm the cleaning status before initiating an inspection, maintaining high hygiene standards.

Extended Features for Field Transfers

Release 9 enhances the efficiency of field transfers:

  • Mass Field Transfer Capability: A new feature in the reservation monitor enables efficient mass field transfers of loan sets, improving operational flexibility.
  • Inventory Assignment During Booking: Field inventory assignment is now possible during the booking creation phase, simplifying logistics.

New Features for Optimizing Processes and Increasing Efficiency

This release introduces several features aimed at process optimization:

  • Automated Plant-to-Plant Transfers: Designed for mymediset customers with Enhanced Warehouse Management (EWM), this feature automates plant-to-plant transfers.
  • Intercompany Strip-Down Feature: A new functionality for performing intercompany strip-down at customer locations.
  • Multi-Area Booking and Reservations: Users can now create bookings and reservations across multiple sales areas, offering greater adaptability.
  • Proximity Prioritization: The system automatically prioritizes the closest plant to optimize transport costs and time.

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