Mymediset Cycle Count Feature Now Supporting RFID Technology

Mymediset’s innovative cycle counting feature now supports RFID technology!
Cycle Count Feature Now Supporting RFID

mymediset recently introduced RFID technology, which efficiently conducts item-level cycle counts on sets. With the support of RFID technology, cycle counts now occur more swiftly and accurately.mymediset‘s latest feature ensures efficient inventory management across various types, including warehouse, Sales Rep trunk stock, customer consignment, and 3PL warehouses. This integration has streamlined and significantly improved inventory management efficiency.


mymedisets large pharmaceutical distributor implemented our new feature recently and is thrilled with the results! The pharmaceutical distributor took the initiative to implement cycle counting with RFID integration. They recognized the significant time savings a sophisticated tool like mymediset offered. Additionally, they aimed to establish a seamless process. They consequently identified mymediset as the right tool to eliminate human error and maximize process automation.

Another exciting achievement for mymediset!

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