Mymediset Cycle Count Feature Now Supporting RFID Technology

Mymediset’s innovative cycle counting feature now supports RFID technology!

The newly developed feature is designed to perform cycle counts for sets on item level. By supporting RFID technology, cycle counts can now be performed much faster, with dramatically increased accuracy, and with significantly fewer resources required. This new feature of mymediset is suitable for all types of inventory: Warehouses (slow movers), sales rep trunk stock, customer consignment, and even 3PL warehouses.

Our large pharmaceutical distributor just went live with this new feature and couldn’t be happier! They were motivated to implement cycle counting with RFID integration because they knew how much time they could save with a sophisticated tool like mymediset. They also wanted to implement a seamless process and knew that the right tool that would eliminate human error and automate their processes to the max!

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