New App Release November 2022

Our latest app innovations and improvements are ready to be shared with our lucky mymediset users. Check out what’s new!

New offline feature for consumptions

This great new feature allows you to record a consumption even if you’re offline. That gives our mymediset users great flexibility. No matter where your consigned items are stored, even if it’s in the deepest bunker without a mobile signal, you can still record a consumption!

New consumption dashboard

How many consumptions have you recorded within the last 30 days? Which accounts are these consumptions linked to? Our new consumption dashboard gives you all these numbers at a glance, making your life a bit easier when looking for past consumptions.

Updated booking overview

A new floating calendar button allows mymediset app users to quickly navigate from the booking overview to a calendar view. Any past or future booking can easily be located with the new app feature ‘find your booking’. These improved functionalities make the app more user-friendly with a more intuitive design.

New analytics feature

Find out how many bookings you’ve created within the last 30 days and for which accounts. This great new analytics feature allows you to get insight into how your accounts are performing. From that report you can even navigate to the distinct booking list of a certain account to gain even deeper insights about the created bookings.

Performance improvements

Our talented team of app developers has improved the app’s performance by 30% meaning that our app is now faster than ever before. That way we can make sure that you have the fastest and most efficient way to manage your bookings as well as consignment and field inventory.

Design improvements & bug fixes

The latest app release underwent a design update to improve the overall user experience by adding different app modes like the ‘dark’ and ‘light’ themes. Further bug fixes and improvements were also carried out to increase the user experience, assist with more intuitive layout, and improve overall efficiency.

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