New App Release January 2023

Our latest app innovations and improvements are ready to be shared with our lucky mymediset users. Check out what’s new!
New App Release March 2023

Chat Feature (available on mymediset for S/4HANA®)

Introducing a revolutionary new feature that will change the way you communicate.

Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating to your email account or even making a phone call to get help. With our new integrated chat feature, you can easily communicate with your back office team in real-time, right within the app. Our chat window is designed to quickly answer inquiries and is linked to specific bookings for added efficiency. This means your back office team has all the information they need to understand the context of your request and provide an accurate and timely response. With push notifications, you’ll never miss a message from your team.

The chat feature is available exclusively to mymediset users on the SAP S/4HANA® system.

Revenue Report

Our latest update includes a powerful feature that provides deeper insight into your revenue and provides data for making better-informed decisions.

The new feature is available under ‘Reports’ and shows your revenue broken down by month/year and by revenue with/ without purchase orders (POs). If you double-click on a specific revenue, you can also see which accounts contributed to that revenue. This allows you to find out which of your customers are generating the most revenue and focus on retaining and growing those relationships.

Fast Login Feature

Save time and hassle by logging in much faster!

The January release of the app includes a feature that allows you to sign up much faster, saving you time and hassle. With our new login feature, you no longer have to scan a QR code or even manually enter your SAP® backend system credentials. Once you have successfully logged in, the app automatically remembers your credentials. So the next time you open the app, you’ll be logged in immediately.

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