New App Release March 2023

Our latest app innovations and improvements are ready to be shared with our lucky mymediset users. Check out what’s new!
New App Release March 2023

Gain insights into your sales rep and the distributor’s inventory

Inventory visibility is key! For this reason, we’ve combined two different types of inventory, your own sales rep inventory and the distributor’s inventory, into one screen. When you navigate to your inventory page, you’ll find both inventories at a glance, including a free search function. Getting inventory insights has never been easier!

Share bookings easily

Want to easily share a booking with someone? Someone not in your mymediset system, like a surgeon? Our newest feature makes it easy: now you can share an existing booking as a PDF file. Just click on the share arrow in the top right corner of your booking, click ‘File’, and mymediset will do the rest. You’ll receive all booking information in a nice PDF file, ready to share!

Switching between multiple SAP® backend systems with Touch ID / FaceID security

Are you a sales representative sourcing your products from multiple vendors? Then you’ll love our latest feature. Our new app version offers the ability to switch between multiple SAP® backend systems. That means you can easily switch from one vendor system to another from now on. Just navigate to the About Page on the mymediset app; there you can easily add or remove any SAP® backend systems.
To make this switch as secure as possible, we have enabled another layer of security. Activate Touch ID / Face ID on the About Page and you can easily, quickly and securely navigate from one system to another.

Further Improvements And New Functionalities


Get quick help whenever you need it. We’ve added a new ‘Help’ section on the About page of our mymediset app. The new feature automatically creates and attaches a diagnostic report to your help ticket to make the support process as easy and convenient as possible.

Equipment Details Page

With the new release you get more and detailed inventory information under ‘Equipment Details’

UI Improvements

We have worked on several improvements and changes to improve the overall user experience for you!

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