New App Release February 2022

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New App Release February 2022

New Pricing Simulations

A new feature enables mymediset app users to calculate pricing information for product portfolios within the app! The mymediset app calculates prices in the SAP ERP backend in real-time for the selected account and product. This feature empowers Sales Reps with greater flexibility and transparency during consultations and negotiations.

Attaching Media to Existing Bookings

You can now attach of media, like documents and photos, to an existing booking! The app now enables personnel to assign attachments to relevant bookings in both the app and SAP backend in real-time. This ensures Sales Reps, Customer Service, Warehouse Personnel, and other relevant personnel stay informed and aligned in their processes.

Produces Improved Worklists

The mymediset app prompts users to enter PO numbers on consumption of items from consignment stock. This consequently ensures that all medical device or equipment’s association with a Purchase Order number. Having such information readily available helps in identifying specific cases in the event of quality issues, such as product recalls.Failure to enter a purchase order number immediately results in the app automatically adding a new task to the worklist. Compliance is consequently maintained by then allowing users to enter the PO number after the consumption event.

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