New App Release December 2021

We have added new features and enhancements to simplify your daily life as a Sales Rep even further.
New App Release December 2021

The mymediset team is thrilled to announce significant enhancements to your app, reflecting our commitment to continuously evolve in line with our clients’ needs. Our latest app version, released in December 2021, introduces user-centric features that streamline operations and provide real-time insights, adding substantial value to our users’ experience.

Quickfill Templates for Efficient Booking

In our quest to facilitate faster and more efficient booking processes, mymediset now offers “Quickfill Templates.” These user-friendly templates allow you to:

  • Create Bookings Swiftly: Leverage pre-defined templates to expedite the booking process.
  • Customize for Convenience: Name each template to suit your specific needs, ensuring efficient retrieval and use during booking creation.

Enhanced Pricing Feature for Better Visibility

Moreover, our latest update brings a pivotal change in how users interact with product pricing:

  • Real-Time Pricing Visibility: View product prices directly when consuming items from consignment stock.
  • Customer-Specific Pricing Simulation: With the ‘Simulate Pricing’ option, access real-time, customer-specific product prices.
  • Seamless SAP Integration: All pricing data, including SAP-specific characteristics, is sourced directly from the SAP backend and accounting systems, enhancing transparency  for sales reps and business partners.

Improved Availability Check for User Convenience

Furthermore, mymediset’s enhanced availability check feature is designed to make your booking experience smoother:

  • Background Checks: The availability check now runs in the background, allowing you to continue with other tasks.
  • Progress Tracking: Monitor the progress of checks with a new, intuitive progress bar animation.
  • Fail-Safe Booking Creation: Even if an availability check fails, you can still proceed with the booking, eliminating the hassle of re-entering data.

In conclusion, the mymediset app’s latest features are a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. By introducing Quickfill Templates, a real-time pricing feature, and an improved availability check, we’re not just enhancing the app — we’re transforming the way our users manage medical equipment. Stay ahead in medical equipment management with mymediset’s advanced app functionalities.

Experience the cutting-edge of medical equipment management with mymediset’s latest app updates – specifically designed for efficiency, transparency, and user convenience.

Ready to speed up and simplify your medical device management?

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