How to overcome out-dated tools that are riddled with admin hassle?

Transform the way you manage your loan set, consignment, and field inventory.
overcome out-dated tools

In the fast-paced MedTech industry, the key to increasing sales and operational efficiency doesn’t lie in overcomplicated strategies. Instead, the synergy between the right processes and tools plays a pivotal role. At BIT Consulting, we understand that MedTech companies often grapple with legacy processes, influenced by diverse decision-makers over time. While these processes are not inherently problematic, a critical evaluation, especially of the tools employed, is crucial.

The Challenge of Manual Tools in MedTech

Many MedTech companies still rely on outdated, manual tools for daily operations, such as Outlook calendars, spreadsheets, and even fax messages, particularly in loan set management, consignment, and field inventory. This reliance leads to a significant administrative burden and inefficiency, a challenge that needs addressing, especially in today’s digital era.

The Solution: Automation and Digitization

Acknowledging the necessity for automation and digitization is the first step. However, the transition is often hindered by the unique needs of MedTech companies and the cost implications of integrating new tools. At BIT Consulting, we believe it’s our responsibility to understand and cater to these specific needs, particularly in managing complex processes like loan set, consignment, and field inventory.

8 Essential Features Your New Tool Should Offer

  1. Case/Procedure Scheduling: Streamlined booking management with a user-friendly mobile solution integrated into your ERP system.
  2. Loan Set Management: Comprehensive management of loaned medical sets, including planning and inspection.
  3. Finance Integration: Seamless integration of financial processes within your ERP system.
  4. Asset Accounting: In-depth understanding of asset classes, depreciation, and accounting specifics.
  5. Visibility in Loan Set, Consignment, and Field Inventory: Ensuring full traceability and compliance with FDA and MDR regulations.
  6. Recording Consumption: Efficient on-site recording of consumed items with integrated barcode functionality.
  7. Automatic Billing & Replenishment: Automation of billing and replenishment processes upon consumption recording.
  8. Full ERP Integration: Ensuring a single source of truth for reliable data and efficient operations.

Why Choose mymediset for Your MedTech Needs

mymediset, developed by BIT Consulting, is tailor-made for managing complex loan, consignment, and field inventory processes in the MedTech industry. Moreover, continuously refined over two decades, it aligns with FDA and MDR regulations, incorporating new healthcare features and processes.

If you are interested in learning more about the integration, we have summarized best practices for integrating mobile apps into your SAP system: Why implementing a SaaS solution is not always the best choice.

Take the Next Step with BIT Consulting

Don’t spend hours searching for the perfect tool – mymediset is designed to optimize your MedTech processes efficiently and effectively. Contact us for a tailor-made demo and discover how you can transform your operations with BIT Consulting’s expertise.

Ready to transform your MedTech operations? BIT Consulting offers the solution with Mymediset – the perfect fit for your loan, consignment, and field inventory management needs. Get in touch to learn more!

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