Get the most out of your SAP® System when dealing with medical loan sets, consignment, and field inventory!

Working with SAP® means almost everyhing is possible, when you know how!
Get the most out of your SAP® System
Consignment Inventory Management | Field Inventory Management | Loanset Inventory Management | SAP Add-ons in the Healthcare Industry
Jun 1, 2022

Everyone working in the medical device industry knows the struggle of inventory and sales management. You have your complex product portfolio that can consist of loan sets, rental robotics and equipment, direct sales of medical devices, and more. You also have different inventory types such as 3PL warehouses, centralized and de-centralized stock holdings, consignment inventory at a distributor, or the end customer and field inventory stored with the sales reps. Wow, that’s a lot of inventory to manage!

The SAP® solution offers a wide range of features up to a certain point. Its limit is reached when it comes to efficiently mapping loan, rental, consignment, or field inventory processes. With that being said, in most cases, it is possible! But just because it’s possible doesn’t mean that it gives you the added value that you need to work efficiently.

If you have great, IT-loving folks in your back office or a sales team that loves to carry out several SAP® transactions for only one field transfer, then you can keep going with the SAP® standard solution! But let’s be honest, in the real world, time, resources, and patience are lacking.

Consider the following 6 statements:

1.Your backoffice wants a solution where one click replaces 5 different transactions

2.Your team doesn’t want to extract data from SAP® into Excel just to get an overview of which loan set is booked for which customer. What they want are additional features that give them the information they need for doing an excellent job! This certain overview of bookings should exist, out-of-the-box!

3.Your sales rep wants to check if a required medical item is available at the consignment stock from the hospital nearby, and he wants to make that availability check immediately without ping pong emails or phone calls with your customer service team. As he is already under time pressure for his next sales meeting.

4.You want to know when each product will expire and where that product is currently stored, not only for compliance but also to understand how your products are turning. You don’t want to go through all single items, you want to get an easy overview of your inventory, listed after location/ per rep, including all relevant information such as serial, batch number, expiration date, storage times, and more.

5.You wish to not be bothered with admin work when it comes to consigned inventories. Whenever your customers consume your product out of their consignment stock, the system should automatically trigger the invoice and replenishment of the used stock.

6.You want to easily offer your sales reps a mobile app that’s perfectly user-friendly and offers a great user experience so that your sales team has the right tool for working efficiently.

The good news is that all of that is possible! And yes, even inside SAP®! How? Don’t waste time bothering your IT team to customize the SAP® MM and SD Modules. Make it easier and get a tool that’s already on the market! A tool that’s certified by SAP®! A software that’s working out-of-the-box!

A SAP® add-on solution called mymediset!

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Why a SAP® add-on? Because you wouldn’t try to install a Windows App on your iPhone, right? It just wouldn’t be compatible. Same thing with SAP®. SAP® add-ons have been checked and certified by SAP® itself so you can rest assured that this solution is fully compatible with your SAP® environment; it does not harm or crash anything but offers you real value! Plus it’s fully integrated into your SAP® system, closing the gap between your requirements and your existing SAP® solution.

Check out mymediset! The SAP® add-on solution that has specifically been developed to effectively solve all the major pain points in the medical device industry. Sending out medical loan sets, managing field, and consignment inventories, offering a sales rep app – all is considered and continuously developed by mymediset’s SAP® developers and architects in Germany, Singapore, and the United States.

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