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Bring your Loan Set Management to the Next Level
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Dec 21, 2021

Loaning medical sets where surgeons can choose the right implant, device, or equipment and simply return anything unused at the end of a procedure is the best and most cost-effective approach to offer a safe and reliable medical outcome. That would be an ideal situation, but the reality is that customers often receive incomplete, medical sets and assets for procedures. This is further compounded by the fact that sets are not where they should be and sets are already dusty since they never leave the warehouse. Why?

The short answer is that their processes are not fully optimized. They may have grown over time, but they were certainly not brought to the next level. They may have solutions that manage loan processes, but those are often not properly integrated with their ERP system what then leads to insufficient visibility of data and processes.

So, let’s dive a bit deeper into the loan process to find out what exactly the ‘next level’ is when it comes to managing loan sets.

Spoiler Alert for those of you who don’t want to read till the end, it only takes one incredible tool to do it all, mymediset!

Go Mobile from the Very Start – The Initial Booking

It all starts with the initial request coming from a Business Partner, or a Sales Rep, like John. First, a booking is created for a specific procedure, but instead of being limited to where only John can view this booking, bring it to the next level and go mobile! This will ensure that John can create and manage a booking independently, but so can Patricia, your customer service agent. To ensure collaboration and a seamless booking from the very start, all bookings should be manageable via a mobile solution.

The Availability Check

In a perfect world, the availability of the requested set is automatically checked right when the booking is created. This means that, John, or Patricia can directly check alternatives in case of non-availability. Being at the next level with your loan set management software means being able to gain real-time information on loan set availability, even on the go!

Green Light – Let’s Pack and Ship!

When everything you need is available, the initial booking immediately results in a reservation that is followed by a picking list which is automatically issued by the warehouse. The warehouse team takes over the dispatch and initiates the shipment to the customer. Being at the next level means that all steps are fully visible in the system, on a real-time basis so that John, can easily check on his mobile app that his requested medical equipment has just been shipped out to his customer regardless of where he is, so he is always in the loop!

Red Light – Let’s Find and Get It!

In case the requested sets are not available, the ideal software searches through all inventories including field inventory. So, John would be able to see in his app whether or not his requested set is available in the central warehouse, and if it’s not, he’d also be able to see that his colleague Mathew, based just some miles away, has one stored in his trunk stock! What a life saver! With a next level system like mymediset, John or Patricia can easily request a transfer of the required set from Mathew and have it in time for the procedure.

The Procedure!

The loan set arrives on time and in perfect condition. The set is used in a surgical procedure or for a workshop or training. Full visibility is given at every point in time, meaning batch and serial numbers that are used are recorded for this specific patient/ training.

Welcome Back – Let’s Do a Check!

After the procedure or training, the loaned medical set is sent back to the manufacturer or distributor. It is inspected and prepared to be used for the next purpose. During inspection, the set is checked for its completeness and its quality condition. What implants were used in the procedure? Which implants need to be replenished? Have all instruments been returned? What is their condition? Is there any damage on returned implants or instruments?

For the inspection itself, you usually need staff that are well trained, detail oriented with a knack for working under pressure; time is money so sets need to be inspected accurately and quickly. Or you could bring it to the next level and go one step further; simply leave this work to modern technology like RFID, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality.

Your Work Pays Off!

Invoicing can take place at various point in times. Either the consumption and invoice are recorded just after the surgery using a mobile app or the consumption is recorded during the inspection of a set and the missing implants are invoiced. Obviously, everything that was not returned must be invoiced in addition to optional service, loan, and other fees. If you want to take it to the next level, this step in the process should also be fully automated, meaning your software automatically issues the invoice once the inspection is completed. John and Patricia can track the status in their system, even in the app, at any time given.


If your set was returned incomplete you need to make sure that the missing content is replenished. In a perfect world where the process of your loan set management has been optimized this happens automatically right after the inspection.

All Sterile?

When the set content is being sent out to a third party for sterilization, your software needs to be able to take that into account. This means that whenever John or Patricia are looking for a specific set, they must be able to see that it is currently out for sterilization. If you schedule further procedures with this certain set, your solution must automatically calculate the time needed for sterilization upfront. Bring it to the next level with mymediset to avoid any issues in the future!

Stay Flexible, All The Time!

Many times, the sets are circling around in the field, meaning they are stored in consignment, trunk stock, or in a Sales Rep’s inventory and are directly sent to a customer. For those cases, your software must map and track all those different inventory locations, inspection/sterilization steps and transfers in real-time, otherwise, you might lose track of your sets. Take it to the next level and implement a fully flexible solution that can map all those complex transfers and interlinks.

Schedule More!

Did you know that you can find the greatest potential for reducing your inventory when you improve your scheduling? When you work with an intuitive tool like mymediset that knows exactly where each set content currently is, when it will be returned, how long it will take for inspection, and all the subsequent steps like replenishing and sterilization, then (and only then!) you can bring it to the next level and schedule your loan sets the most efficient way!

The idea is your sets should never stand still! This is the only way to guarantee that you make the most turnover with the minimum inventory! SO go ahead and schedule more!

As you can see, all the steps in this process are closely interlinked. Bringing your loan management processes to the next level means implementing the ideal software. This should be one that takes all of the work off your hands, not just part of it. A solution that does everything you need it to do intuitively and automates your processes to ensure
1. Your customer gets the right loan set at the right time and in the perfect condition and
2. You can achieve growth and better profitability with a minimum on inventory.

If this sounds like something you need right now, then check out mymediset, the most widely utilized loan set inventory management solution among Global Fortune 500 players in the healthcare industry.

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